[Uncensored] Miyamoto Issa - Lotsa Hearts 2 - Impregnation
Yuu's friend found out that his step-sister is a famous ero mangaka, and she becomes her assistant. In the process though, she realizes that she has some feelings for Yuu...

[Monsters] BLACK PANDA-LoliQue 2 -Gaiden- Konoha - Tentacles
In order to save the king who was trapped inside the "Mahou Grimoire", it's up to Konoha to save the day, again! Thus, she alone was transported into the Grimoire and into the unknown land. During

[Pregnant] Marmalade - Marshmallow All the Way Home Final (eng) - Cafe
"Hey, are you okay?" She reaches out to me as I lay collapsed on the ground. Her hands feel soft and velvety, like marshmallows... Kanon Kasukabe: "Welcome to our patisserie!" Next thing I know,

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