[Creampie] God & Void v0.1.5.B1 by Elrath Creations - Adventure
You open your eyes with no recollection of the past. After getting adopted by a frugal living man with terrible parenting skills; you encounter a strange creature. Time passes, and as you reach

[Handjob] Professor Amethyst Games - On Distant Shores v0.8 - Masturbation
Your family passed away in a horrible accident. Your entire world became a spiral of depression. Years of constant loneliness and guilt were all you knew. Now in your fifties, you find yourself at a

[Ahegao] Isis: The Fall v1.01 by Tjord Win/Ma - Vaginal Sex
Amidst centuries-long space conflict between Alliance of Free Planets and Neo-Terran Confederacy, allied crusier FSS "Isis" is sent on a mission that could turn the tides of war. However, among it's

[Groping] Way of Corruption v0.11C HD +Save by Shadow Blade WinHD/SD - 2Dcg
Discover the beginning of a story that deals with the corruption of a government and the constant corruption of our protagonist who seeks to stop them. Our heroine will constantly be in perverted

[Voyeurism] Cat-creat - Naruto: Shinobi Lord (18+) V.0.1 Win/Mac/Android/Linux - Hinata Hyuga
This game gives you an opportunity to take on the role of a regular guy, who enters a Naruto world by a curious accident. What will happen to him in this world is only for you to decide! You'll be

[Animated] A Few Days - Episode 12 by Mickydoo Win/Mac - 3Dcg
You are a Private Detective, you scored the easiest case in the world. All you have to do is sit in a sleepy town and wait. On your first day of what you believe is doing nothing and getting paid for

[Virgin] Young Again Chapter 13 by Zargon_games Win/Mac - Vaginal Sex
You start the game as Paul, an old man tired of his life, who after an incident (and by the will of a goddess) he's now in the body of a 19-year-old boy (your character). Your mission is to fulfill a

[Romance] SeptCloud - The Seven Realms v0.4 - Harem
For four hundred years Atlas (name can be changed) has tried to maintain a semblance of peace throughout the realm. Since the death of their Queen and a great apathy seized their king, it fell to

[Big Tits] The Mithril Hourglass - Maids & Masters v0.6.3 - Virgin
Decades ago, an Estate was attacked by Servants of an unknown Master. Their only goal seemed to be the deaths of everyone on the grounds. There were no survivors. Our protagonist Master had been kept

[Big Ass] Sweet Dreams v0.4.0 by Lust+Sakura Games - Virgin
Our Hero is a boy who wants, with all his strength, to enter the university, unfortunately even though he is very smart, he cannot get the scholarship that he so badly needs. So he will try to get

[Rpg] Nagiyahonpo - Chronicle of Bitch Girl - My Dick is too Large Final Win/Android (eng) - Seduction
Product summary ** Prologue I, Takayoshi Ohki has been teaching for about one month as a substitute for a teacher who had taken a maternity leave. It was just a short while until the class began that

[Enema] CROCORE - 1-A Final (jap) - Sexual Training
Release year: 2009 Release date: 2009/01/25 Genre: Digital Novel, 3DCG, Animation, Anal sex, Group sex, Sex Toys, Sex Machines, Enema. Censorship: There are distributions in the game (games)

[Younger Sister] Adult's Hobby - Little Sister Control Dungeon Ver.1.1 Final (eng mtl) - Black Hair
Protagonist Mayula is ordered by the top shrine maiden to enter a certain cavern, and recover the Codex of Truth. However, for this test dungeon that is to be completely alone, Mayula brings along

[Fantasy] Indivi - Lust Doll Plus r37.2 - Virgin
Lust Doll Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to

[Pregnant] Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You - Grace of the Labyrinth Town Ver.1.14 (eng mtl) - Outdoor Exposure
Machine translation, played a little, no errors were found Concept Due to certain ~reasons~, Swordswoman Grace has ended up burdened with a massive debt. In order to pay her dues, she begins dungeon

[Big Tits] SexNote v0.17.5a Patreon by JamLiz - Milf
Living with his two adoptive mothers and stepsister made him shy with girls, until one day, he was sitting in the classroom and saw a book falling from the sky... That book was a SexNote, a book that

[Schoolgirl] Tone Work's - Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Perfect Edition Final (eng) - Student
Translation: Tsurezure Scans and PyroCyan English Patch: HanabiWorks Perfect Edition English Patch Staff: PyroChan: Translator Rin-chan: Programmer, Tester Gopicolo: Tester billy121: (for fixing

[Student] Sprite - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate High Resolution Final English Patch & Crack are included - Visual Novel
Title : Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate High Resolution Original Title : 恋と選挙とチョコレート High Resolution Aliases: Koichoco, Love, Election & Chocolate, Love Election and Chocolate, Love, Elections &

[Plump] Estoc - Conception Arena Demo (eng) - Big Breasts
Circle Name: Estoc Announced: May/09/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

[Schoolgirl] Double Melon - Rural JK Exhibitionist 2 Ver.2.02 Final (eng mtl) - Internal Cumshot
Ver. 1.00 as of Sept. 30, 2021 Himari Aozora is an ordinary, if slightly perverse schoolgirl. Her parents are away on a summer cruise, so she'll be staying at her aunt's house in the country for her

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