[Transformation] Bound by Lust - Version 0.3.8 by LustSeekers - Male Protagonist
In Bound by Lust you play as a young man ready to begin his life anew in the big city. Increase your stats and build strong relationships. You'll meet a lot of different people with interesting

[Animated] Bound by Lust v0.3.8 by LustSeekers Win/Mac - Big Ass
Your adventure starts after you've decided to leave your hometown to reach the city, a place full of possibilities and temptations. And the strongest temptation of them all, a blue succubus from a

[Male Protagonist] Ichie Atelier - Living Together with Your Cute Niece ver.1.0.3 (eng mtl) - Internal Cumshot
Release year: 2021 Release date: 2021/12/19 Genre: jRPG, Male protagonist, uncle / father-in-law, student, daily life / life, sleep rape, vaginal cum shot, insult, forced / forced / forced

[Android 18] Tada no Deko - BUTAGON BALL Final (jap) - Dragon Ball
A pig goes on a journey with a cute girl in this RPG. 33 base CG (not including pose art) *All black and white Includes H situations ranging from light sexual harassment all the way to brainwashing

[Strategy] Ninetail & Dual Tail - VenusBlood HOLLOW International Ver.1.051 + Guide + Walkthrough + Full Save (uncen-eng) - Adv
Year of issue: 2021 Release date: 2014/11/14 Update date: 2021/11/25 Genre: RPG, Strategy, Fantasy, Superpowers, Turn Based Combat, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Anal Sex, Ahegao, BDSM,

[Sleeping] The Merry Magi - The Double Dare Series - Scene 1-3 - Ffm Threesome
Harry loses a bet to the Weasley Twins and now is forced to complete their dare: Sneak into the girl's dorm and pop Hermione's anal cherry, *without* waking her up. But secretly, Fred & George

[Dot] Dojin Otome,  Kagura Games - Summer Memories Deluxe Edition Ver.2.3 Final (uncen-eng) - Voyeurism
Year of issue: 2020 Genre: SLG, ADV, jRPG, DOT / Pixel, Male hero, Comedy, Incest, Milf, Big tits / Big Breasts, Masturbation, Oral, Blowjob, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Sleeping, Multiple Endings

[Handjob] SleepyGimp - Family Values 1-5 - Bukkake
List: Family Values 1 - 24 pages Family Values 2 - 28 pages Family Values 3 - 56 pages Family Values 4 - 20 pages Family Values 5 - 14 pages

[Sexual Harassment] Kira Tama - Sonia and the Lusting Village 2 Ver.21.10.24 Final (eng mtl) - Female Protagonist
Story In order to make the strongest sword in existence, Sonia heads to a new village in search of orichalcum, the ultimate metal. But she needs all 8 pieces, and to get them she has to conquer the

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