[Anal] Dark.ryona.x15 - KunoAnne -- Female NINJYA Warrior Assasination Order Demo (eng) - Monsters
-- Story Kingdom Flarance was losing home soil after magical invasions by Dobui Kingdom. A secret undertaking was planned to turn the tables. Flarance was asking for reinforcement from Eastbound

[Creampie] Moon Knight Sparkle - Eldorante Ver.4.04 (eng) - Bukkake
ELDORANTE / エルドランテ Release Year: 2018 Release Date: 2018/12/08 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Female Heroine Only, Blond Hair, Violation / Forced, Prostitution, Corruption, Monsters, Tentacles, Interspecies

[Seduction] Dry Dream - Nymphomania Nightmare Ver1.05 (eng mtl) - Demon Girl
70+ CG! Introducing circle Dry Dream's largest RPG yet! [Story] An army of succubi have invaded the martial kingdom of Elstacia. The protagonist, magical swordsman Luke and his truthy companions

[Trpg] Kanonda - Legend of Oslo Sea Demo (eng) - Sexual Training
Circle Name: Kanonda Announced: Jul/05/2022 Scheduled release date: Middle Jul. 2022 Supported languages: English

[Crossdressing] Flamedancers - The Five Seals and The Holy Sword of Legend Ver.1.20 Final (eng) - Adventure
Title: The Five Seals and The Holy Sword of Legend Developer: Flamedancers Publisher: Flamedancers Release date: 7 Mar, 2022 Version: 1.20 Language: English (MTL Edit) Censored: Yes (Mosaics) Store:

[Futanaria] Flamedancers - The Five Seals and The Holy Sword of Legend v1.20 - Elf
The protagonist is an elven boy who grew up in a small village in the mountains, together with a human girl named Alice. However, one day, a shocking series of events leads him to getting lost in a

[Combat] HEAVY HEARTS V0.3.3 BY DAMMITBIRD - Big Breasts
Humans are near extinct. Only a few remain, living in isolation. Those that are found are used for slave labor, pleasure, or worse. Orcs, Lycans, Drakes, and other various creatures would love to get

[Orgy] Morning Explosion - Age of Ashes - Hunnic Girl In Divided Roman Empire Demo (Official Translation) - Rpg
In The Divided Roman Empire, The Hunnic Girl's Revenge Has Begin! [Synopsis] In The Late 4th Century, After The Death of Emperor Theodosius, Roman Empire Was Devided. The People Who Try to Save The

[Rpg] Ghost_SM - THE FALL OF SHIP Final (eng) - Cuckoldry
Translator's notes: After a long time of not translating anything, I've decided to start translating this game. It's doubtful this game will be picked by Kagura Games or any other professional

[Prostitution] War Shop - The Sexy Fate of an Elf Sent to the Modern World Ver.1.01 Final (eng) - Animated
Circle: war shop Release date: Jun/18/2022 Supported languages: English MTL (translation is not mine, I checked it, I did not find any errors) Animations and H Scenes The Sexy Fate of an Elf Sent to

[Paizuri] Tokinokogiri - Succubus Prison Extra Voice + English Patch Final - Successive
* Disclaimer * This product is a patch for: "Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE174492.html * Please note that this product requires the above

[Big Tits] Dana's Demons - World of WarWaifus: The Beginning Ch.1 - Big Ass
NSFW Open-World ThirdPerson AnimeStyle RPG. Human and Magical Waifus live in the freedom, in their peaceful homes, But Army of Darkness is near. They must gather their swords and magical powers and

[Vaginal Sex] GameBear - Lecherous Village v0.2.10 - Lesbian
This game centers around a young girl who fled to the village of Wolfpine after losing all her money and getting into trouble with the law. Her current plan is to start a new life without having to

[Prostitution] War Shop - The Sexy Fate of an Elf Sent to the Modern World Ver.1.01 (jap) - Ntr
Animations and H Scenes The Sexy Fate of an Elf Sent to the Modern World [war shop] Some H scenes are animated with Live2D. You can play the videos whenever you want. The Sexy Fate of an Elf Sent to

[Cuckoldry] S2 - Wedded Knight Shitori ver.15-04-2022 Mod 1 Final (eng) - Orgy Sex
* Warning: This game contains a lot of NTR elements. [Characters] Shitori The protagonist. Once a famous knight, she left behind her shining armor for a wedding dress, and settled down to a life of

[Lesbian] Emerald Games - Legend of the Heroes v1.0 - Rpg
This game revolves around six heroes. In a fantasy rpg setting. You follow these heroes on their adventures and see what becomes of them, and those they meet.​

[Paid Dating] SetsunaSoft - EluRogue Ver.0.23 (jap) - Shame
Circle Name: SetsunaSoft Announced: Jun/30/2022 Scheduled release date: Late Oct. 2022

[Rpg] Clymenia - Public Defense Corp (Civilian Justice league 2) ver.1.02 (uncen-eng) - Teen
Years after her hometown was destroyed by an evil group, Haruka joins the company, Public Defense Corp. Now, armed with a bipedal robot, Haruka can work towards getting her revenge for what happened

[2D Game] Dammitbird - Heavy Hearts v0.3.3 - Turn Based Combat
Dev Remarks: I want to create adult games that stand on their own, even without the porn. An interesting story, comparable gameplay to well known RPGs, and quality art. That is my commitment. Humans

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