'Memories of Lust' is a visual novel. Play through the story to earn money, make friends, study magic and have a great time. The character wakes up near the small town, Memento. There he meets a

[Mind Control] The Gift Reloaded Version 0.08b Win/Mac by Mrzz - Corruption
Visit Mac Version Download from k2s.cc (919.43 MB) Download from florenfile.com (919.43 MB) You are an ordinary guy, living at home with your mother and sister, struggling to live your life. But one

[Transformation] ForrowTempo - Point of No Return - Version 0.1 - Renpy
Visit Point of No Return is a story about an ordinary girl Katie, who just entered the university of her dreams, and now, she is up to decide her life path. Player have an opportunity to be in an

[Milf] Basilicata - Goss_IP Version 0.9 - Oral Sex
The story is about Ted Matisse, a 19 yo male student, who had his reputation ruined by a misunderstanding and now he has a hard time at school and home. He uses his computer hacking skills to get

[Oral Sex] Three kingdoms story: Conussia Version 1.0 by Kamti - Group Sex
"Three kingdoms story": Conussia is a story about the Hero, who appeared to become involved in to the under-the-carpet battles of Conussia kingdom. King is disappeared, Princess has to become a

[Animated] DeVilBro - Crimson Roses Ep.1 - Oral Sex
A man lost the love of his life as well as his will to live. The only reason he is alive is revenge. Stay with him on his journey of exterminating all those who made his life a mess and finding the

The Game! The project is a mafia-themed eroge game called The DeLuca family. It differs from the usual eroge game out there by not merely focusing on the lewd parts, but also has some interesting

[Sex] AdmiralPanda - Wizards Adventures Ver - Renpy
The game immerses you in the atmosphere of the magical world. You play the role of the young magician Merlin. He was born in an ancient and influential family, whose members have always been members

[Sex Toys] Asario - Awakening Ver.0.2 CG Pack - Male Protagonist
It would seem that the cold and deserted space has never been so truly hot. Welcome ...

In Paradise Falls you play as Connor, a young man who struggles finding his place in life. He left his home after graduating from University and moved to the big city to make a living. His two

[Animated] Banshee Town - Inception v0.1 Full by MackBook - 3D Game
The small town of banshee, lurks with death and destroyed lives with so much negative it has turned into a criminal town. With the goverment officials leaving the town hopelessly into the hands of

[Monster Girl] WTFDOLLY  - ESCAPE - Fairy
Release Date: 1 October 2016 Version: 0.89, Orig PC Gender: Male, Language: English (but in my opinion - not good English ;-)

I’m 3Diddly, and I create 3D comics and visual novel games! What I try to aim for is realism in the characters in my story. In this manner the story will feel more real and less forced like in alot

[Renpy] CarnalCardinalGames - Welcome to Temptation Version 0.3 - Male Protagonist
Updated: July 22, 2018 Censorship: None Version: 0.3 OS: Windows Language: English Your girlfriend Ella's family takes you in during your last few months of high school after your own family moves

Hello, my followers, this is the first version of my second project. I want to share it with you and now you can taste this game This theme is very interesting to play. It is a simulator of an office

[Magic] Kthulian - Ataegina Version 0.4.8 - Interracial
Atægina You live in a world of magic and war, where many factions with different races, religions, politics etc, exist. You will take the role of a student of magic, you will learn spells, history

[Visual Novel] Heroes University v0.0.2.1 by Salmon Run Win/Mac/Android - Salmon Run Games
Heroes University H is an eroge visual novel that takes place in a university of heroes. You are the new student and now you have the mission of finding a hidden menace inside the campus. You must

[Voiced] Teky - Jack Fondle Version 0.1 - Prequel
​ This is game about ex-robber who think in straight way and not used to be tricky person. "Steal and run! If neccesary beat and run!" - his lifestyle. Because of this he got in prison but will be

[Seduction] Ptolemy - Alexandra - Version 0.25 - Male Protagonist
Date: 01.04.2019 Language: English Version: 0.25 Censored: No Info: On a different note. The response I got for the post Dana game prologue were pretty positive. I’m sharing it now with everyone, so

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