[Oral Sex] Wolf holiday - When New Wife Megu Falls Final + Save (Eng) - Male Hero
Protagonist Riku Tachibana has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart, his new wife Megu. Recently, however, he has been too busy with work to be with his wife. At that time, he decides to

[Slut] Leo Nois - Debtors Ver.1.0 - Adv
Debtors is a twisted, dark story of a couple that is in debt trouble with a criminal organization called Hyena Brotherhood. As they struggle to pay the money the HB is exploiting their situation. Why

[X-Ray] Hyanmaru Games - garage:VAMP Final (uncen-eng) - Tinyhat Studios
Title: garage:VAMP Developer: Hyanmaru Games Publisher: TinyHat Studios Release date: 17 May, 2022 Version: Final Language: English (Official) Censored: No (Uncensored) Store: Steam A visual novel by

[Rape] Nikukure - MPSM Ver2.03 (jap) - Rpg
STORY In the kingdom of Zenovia, there lived two intimate siblings. The elder brother was Ridel, the younger sister was Misha. With equal affection they loved each other. Theirs was a thorny path,

[Drama] Summer of Love - Version 1.0 by Captain Kitty Win/Mac/Android - Romance
2020, a new bright decade! At least that was what people thought. The virus destroyed everything. You lost your job as a yoga instructor. But it was lucky for you that another yoga center in a small

[Mature] RaspberrySoft, FallenEros - Indecent Wife Hana Ver.0.5.1 - Adventure
Changelog 0.5.1 700 words added on scenes #42 and #43 (The number appear when you hover a save slot). 25.700 total count. History screen now displays the characters colors. Works with the new 'Extras

[Cuckoldry] 530 - All-you-can-eat with Akuma-chan Power Demo (eng) - Netorare
Circle Name: 530 Announced: May/14/2022 Release Date: May/21/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

[Dating Sim] PotatesAndDragons - The Pirate of Lust Ver.0.01 - Harem
Accessibility Subtitles, Interactive tutorial, One button The Pirate of Lust is a hentai adventure game, where Henry has inherited a mansion on a tropical island. Unluckly this mansion is completely

[Lewd] Succubus killer - The Demon Lady Killer and The JK That's Felled 1000 Men Ver.2.02 (eng mtl) - Naughty
Playtime: 3~4 hours including CG collection, and without text-skip 40+ base CG 400+ CG including variations CG / Gallery unlock included CVs: Hanako Jouban, KareiShuu For those who: - Like works with

[Old Man] Yuraribbon - Luka and Allen- Two Little Red Riding Hood and Werewolves Ver.1.09 Final (eng mtl) - Nun
Circle: yuraribbon Release date: Feb/06/2021 Update information: Apr/15/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

The game is set in a bleak future in the 3Diddly world. The game begins when the player and his girlfriend (names customizable), have decided to migrate to a bigger and safer city to start a family.

[Masturbation] Studio Mystic - Bliss v0.2.0 - Urination
The story of Bliss takes place in modern-day Japan and follows a young man in his final year of high school as disturbing events begin to unravel. The Japanese government, faced with declining birth

[Interspecies Sex] Dot Kobo - Crystal Story R Ver.2.0 Final (eng mtl-jap) - Tentacles
Eng Mtl+Jap Humans and monsters battle over magical crystals in this RPG world! A boy and girl journey, taking on every trouble in their path head on! However, they fall into a trap, and get

[Upskirt] TKHsoft - Voyeur RPG - Hospital Secret Filming Files 2 Final (jap) - Fetish
[Story] A creep-doctor created a back room in the female toilet, and lives there while filming them. "Artists of the Dark" buy these images for a high price. One day, the hospital underwent some

[Clothed] HOSEpanty - Cucked Ninja Mother - her pure heart is insensible to men's desire Ver.1.03 Final (eng mtl) - Ntr
An RPG themed on cuckoldry with multi-ending system. The ending changes in relation to "Ayame's Training Point" which increases invarious H events and some other particular conditions. ~story~ A

[Housewives] Wolf holiday - When New Wife Megu Falls Ver.1.0 (jap) - Ntr
Release year: 2022 Release date: 2022/04/30 Genre: jRPG, Animation, NTR/Netorare, Male hero, Housewives, Humiliation, Corruption, Straight, Oral sex, Creampie, Pregnant Censorship: yes

[Handjob] PinkDream - Grand Uni Battle Prologue - Big Tits
Keep your universe from imploding, even if it means throwing others to the wolves.​

[Cheating] Grandma's House - Version 0.07 by MoonBox - Blackmail
MC comes home from college and has lots of sex. Your standard cookie-cutter landlady game with all the staples you've come to expect like shower peeping, sleep groping and the classic "walking in on

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