[Combat] Dungeon Slaves - Version 0.58 by Adn700 Win/Mac/Android - Handjob
In this world full of magic, you play as Amy, an elvish maid. After an orc raid on your village, it’s your quest to deliver the girls that were taken away before they end up as sex slave. Make

[Shooter] InstantArrow - EraserWork Ver.1.21 Final (eng) - Female Protagonist
Circle: InstantArrow Release date: Apr/20/2021 Update information: Jan/11/2022 Supported languages: English

[Combat] EMPTY-66822 v4.05 by Lonery-Moon - Monster
Normal day of your normal life. You just relax at home, BUT! SUDDENLY! SOMETHING IS HAPPENING! You still home... or not? It's really doesn't look like it. Were is everyone? What to do? Nobody gonna

[3Dcg] JOURNEY - VERSION 0.28.2 BY EZH - Turn Based Combat
Journey, get souls and defeat enemies. Improve your skills, get new skills – all this will help you cope with the enemies standing in your way.​

[Big Tits] Scarlet Paper - ThornSin v0.0.2 - Combat
Inesa, a battle nun with long legs and beautiful boobs, has a gentle and strong heart, but it seems that something that no one knows is hidden in the depths of that heart. And when she searched for

[Monster Girl] Arma's Quest v0.8.3 by Mundane Escapists - Adventure
Knight, Arma and her succubus companion, set out to save the kingdom of Evermire​

[Monster] Sonpih - Lust for Adventure v6.6 - Male Protagonist
Hi everyone, I'm Sonpih, and I'm creating an adult game called Lust for Adventure, this is a 2D RPG game based on the world of Warcraft where you are an adventurer in search of fame, fortune and

[Spanking] Godspeak - The Silkfang Respite v0.50 - Male Protagonist
In The Silkfang Respite, you play as a fledgling mage named Fee who quests across the land catching and taming monsters, as well as solving dungeons, and romancing characters. The game plays like a

[Animated] Alice in Cradle - Version 0.20a by Hinayua - Rape
Alchemist lady Noel runs around the 2D field Fight monsters and get Ryona while making full use of magic​

[Monster Girl] Redo of a Dark Lord v0.0.1 by Jizzcat game - Turn Based Combat
A medieval fantasy in which you play an evil demon lord that has already succeeded in his quest for world domination. Just when you get bored, fate has it you're send back in time. You find yourself

[Groping] D.Ward - Super Hero! Flash Fist Ep.1 - Turn
The story is about the superhero "FLASH FIST" defeating three monsters to protect the L city.​

[Romance] Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower v0.28.0 by Ninhalf, HGameArtMan Win/Mac/Linux - Pregnancy
Enter a world of magic and romance, fantasy and adventure, where your wildest dreams can come true.... As long as those dreams involve attending an ancient magic college and learning magic, of

[Vaginal Sex] Dominum - Version 0.3 by Asmodeus Den Win/Mac/Linux - Female Domination
In Dominum, you are the pursued ch*ld of a witch and a demon lord, fleeing from the claws of the church and the ignorance of your own people, forging an army in search of bringing down those same

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