Interactive story for adults of a famous female character. Croft Adventures will be a series of Lara's adventures, each adventure will come in a game where you will decide with your decisions how the

[Breastfeeding] Timestamps, Lost Love - Ch1-2 Release 9 PE + Incest Patch + Save by Motkeyz - Masturbation
You're a college student who's lustful desires have caused you to make horrible mistakes. But lucky for you, your best friend has found a way to manipulate time... You have the chance to go back and

[Sex Toys] SALR GAMES - Family at Home 2 - Episode 5 - Lesbian
Family at Home 2 is inspired by parts of the story of the Dynasty series, you are a young man living happily with your father and mother, but after the revelation of a man named Blake, your life

[Masturbation] Mother Lovers Society Chapter 3.3 by BlackWeb Games - Female Protagonist
Mother Lovers Society is about Michelle moving to the city of New Amsterdam with her daughter in order to start a new life together. Sexy times of course ensue.​ Ch. 2.3 Continued the story, dinner

[Male Protagonist] HRelease - Straitened Times v0.29.0 - Creampie
It's a game about a young guy living together with a small Commune of Mother superior, holy Father and two novice Sisters (none blood related ;)). One day his happy life was over when Father was

[Lesbian] The Guide to Being Assertive v0.2.6.3 by AnonymousMan - Masturbation
There are many games about being transformed from a man to a submissive, slutty woman. This is not a game like that. The Guide to Being Assertive follows the protagonist as they're turned from a man

[School Setting] DWEEBGASM VERSION 2-0.24 BY DAXEL123 - Oral Sex
You are a geeky/nerd loser in a private academy. You spend your time fantazising about girls and trying to get panty shots when you can. Maybe... however... if you work hard enough, and are lucky

[Male Protagonist] Succubus Contract v0.15.5 Patreonby Stick4Luck - Transformation
This is a game page called Succubus Contract. The game is narrated on behalf of a guy whose name is Kris. He himself did not understand how he concluded an agreement with the succubus and generally

[Touch] mukkun.App - IS IT OK IF I USE U10-CHAN!? Demo (eng) - Anal
This is a game in which you will make a naughty touch to "U10-chan". This is a "usable" game with an emphasis on practicality, created by borrowing the 3D model "U10 Body ver. 6.0.1" created by the

[Masturbation] CeLaVieGroup - My First Love Ep.8 - Handjob
This is the third story in the series. You are playing the MC ‘My first love’ is the story about how our MC meet his first love and how it will proceed during the years. It 's also the story about

[Vaginal Se] Turning Tricks - Whoremonger v1.0 Prologue - Anal
Whoremonger is a story about redemption and new beginnings. It's a story about a protagonist who has suffered a serious injustice and who has lost almost everything in his life. Where does he go from

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