[Milf] Black Lilith - The Falling Someone Else’s Wife - Animation - Ochiru Hitozuma - Fallen Wife - Fallen Married Woman Final (eng) - Housewife
ID: RJ180880 Other Title: Ochiru Hitozuma, Fallen Wife, Fallen Married Woman Censorship: Censored Language: English Developer: Black Lilith Release Date: 29/07/2016 Platform: Windows [Corrupted Wife

[Cuckoldry] 530 - All-you-can-eat with Akuma-chan Power Demo (eng) - Netorare
Circle Name: 530 Announced: May/14/2022 Release Date: May/21/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

[Lewd] Succubus killer - The Demon Lady Killer and The JK That's Felled 1000 Men Ver.2.02 (eng mtl) - Naughty
Playtime: 3~4 hours including CG collection, and without text-skip 40+ base CG 400+ CG including variations CG / Gallery unlock included CVs: Hanako Jouban, KareiShuu For those who: - Like works with

[Clothed] HOSEpanty - Cucked Ninja Mother - her pure heart is insensible to men's desire Ver.1.03 Final (eng mtl) - Ntr
An RPG themed on cuckoldry with multi-ending system. The ending changes in relation to "Ayame's Training Point" which increases invarious H events and some other particular conditions. ~story~ A

[Outdoor Exposure] Karaage-tomato - DIRTYING Final (eng mtl) - Ntr
Circle: karaage-tomato Release date: Apr/29/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

[Netorare] pH Studio - Apartment Story Ver.1.13 Final (eng) - Dot
Circle: pH Studio Release date: Apr/05/2022 Supported languages: Chinese Simplified, Japanese, English

[Tentacles] S2 Wedded Knight Shitori - The Secret Adventure of a Wife and Her Party (eng) - Monsters
Shitori The protagonist. Once a famous knight, she left behind her shining armor for a wedding dress, and settled down to a life of peace. She's currently trying to get pregnant. While she feels her

[Fellatio] Tabibitoya - Natsuki, the humiliated wife - Chijoku Tsuma Natsuki - Buchou ni Hazukashimerareta Kairaku no Hibi Final (jap) - Blackmail
Natsuki has been successful and happy in both her social and private life. Until the day where her superior makes a offer of granting the authorization to her project if she obeys his order of any

[Netorare] Soraue - 5 Days of Separation Ver.21.11.16 Final (eng mtl) - Rpg
Story The Komatsus have been married for 3 years. The wife is a beautiful woman, slender, with firm, bouncy breasts. Ever since her school days she's been ogled by slimy men. The husband fell for her

[Ntr] Cli Pick,  WASABI entertainment - Wailing Guignol Final (eng) - Groping
Developer: 栗pick Publisher: WASABI entertainment Released: 15 Apr, 2022 Game Format: RPG Genre: big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, creampie, monster, groping, group sex, multiple penetration, rape,

[Milf] Kunounohosi - New wife Sophie Final (eng mtl) - Adultery
Circle: kunounohosi Release date: Mar/30/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

[Nun] Arukutsuuru - NPCKan Seizendotei Final (eng mtl) - Maid
Circle: arukutsuuru Release date: Apr/09/2022 0 Supported languages: English MTL

[Netorare] pH Studio - Apartment Story Final (jap-chi) - Student
Circle: pH Studio Release date: Apr/05/2022 Supported languages: Chinese Simplified, Japanese

[Fantasy] BASASHI * BIMI - Surrender Witch Married Woman ver.1.1 Final (eng mtl) - Paid Dating
Circle: BASASHI * BIMI Release date: Jan/29/2022 Update information: Feb/02/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

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