[Big Breasts] Miss Taeko - The Beautiful Wife That Gets Cuckolded by her Father in Law - Hypnosis
Married Woman, Taeko who are beautiful in Pure…Masakazu of the husband takes up a job leaving his family behind to Overseas. Gentle Taeko decided to remain in Japan to take care of the father-in-law.

[Cheating] SORAUE - 5 Days of Separation After Story Final (eng mtl) - Netorare
Warped desires... A husband takes his wife to a hot spring after realizing he has a cuckoldry fetish. He agrees for a man named Endo to get alone with his wife, all so he can watch the proceedings.

[Ntr] 5 days after story v1.0 by In the sky - Married Woman
Synopsis Distorted desire ... A husband who has been cuckolded and awakened to a propensity decides to go to a mixed bathing hot spring to show her wife's nakedness. There she is proposed to a man

[Married Woman] Hunched Assembly Hall - Natsuki Minazuki Is On Loan! Hot Spring Bus Tour Final (eng) - Adv
Circle: Hunched Assembly Hall Release: Sep/23/2021 Product format: Adventure Genre: Married Woman, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Ahegao/Gapeface, Internal Cumshot, Blowjob/Fellatio Natsuki who is excited to

[Serious] Cli Pick - Consider Nanaha. Ver.2015.10.08 Final (Eng Partial) - Milf
Translation Notes As this is only a partial patch, quite a bit remains in Japanese. Installing this covers part of the prologue, UI, choices, nametags, items, weapons, equipment, combat, battle

[Mother] Succubus killer - The Demon Lady Killer and The JK That's Felled 1000 Men Ver.1.02 (eng mtl-jap) - Sexual Training
Playtime: 3~4 hours including CG collection, and without text-skip 40+ base CG 400+ CG including variations CG / Gallery unlock included CVs: Hanako Jouban, KareiShuu For those who: - Like works with

[Pubic Hair] HIGHLEG.PEACH - A Married Woman Being Touched - Hazuki Sleep Ver.1.1 (eng) - Milf
Release: Aug/02/2021 Company/Circle: HIGHLEG.PEACH Language: English (MTL) A married woman, Hazuki, falls asleep in front of a boy who is looking at her in an erotic way and exposes her defenseless

[Milf] Black Package Try - Epidemic - Kansen Kakudai Final (jap) - Adv
Title / タイトル: エピデミック~感染拡大~ Brand / ブランド: BLACK PACKAGE Release / 販売日: 2013/06/28 Wind shore town, small port of the Tohoku region is surrounded by deep mountains on three sides. It was no tourist

[Harem] A-Omega-Company - Summer Holiday Memories with the Ladies Special Final (eng mtl) - Slut
A game adaptation of the "Summer Holiday Memories with the Ladies" series. Features content from: Summer Holiday Memories with the Ladies. (RJ219661) Summer Holiday Memories with the Ladies.

[Cheating] UniNeko Workshop - Impregnated and Corrupted by a Feudal Lord Final (eng mtl) - Rpg
Reek and Laycia are a married couple living happily in the village of Taal. But a meeting with Lord Fossel sends their lives spiraling into tragedy... This is an NTR-focused RPG with simple commands,

[Breast Milk] Breast Mafia - Gyuumaou Muneyoshi!! ~The Cuckoldry Volume~ (eng) - Milking
牛魔王ムネヨシ!! ~寝とられるの巻~ Circle: Breast Mafia Release: Dec/02/2015 Translator: Agnaricson Work Format: RPG Genre: Married Woman, Breast Milk, Milking, Big Breasts, Multiple Breasts, Chubby/Plump File

[Teen] Leptocephalus - Record of rape a shoplifted woman Final Win/Apk (eng) - Married Woman
Contents I can't forgive shoplifters ... !! Rape record of angry manager and shoplifting women ... here! Outline --------------------- It is a content that threatens shoplifted women and tries to

[Theacher] Gaiseidou - Curvy Triple-J-Cup Teachers DELUXE (eng mtl) - Young Boy
Machine Translation Contents An RPG game version of the Curvy Triple-J-Cup Teachers series! Characters from the Curvy Triple-J-Cup Teachers join forces to have lots of sex! Sex will decrease your

[Chubby] Magical Girl Club - Young Wife Yuka's Good Day to Cheat jap 2018 - Mature
This young wife Yuka's relationship with husband is in a period of lassitude, making her want to socialize with other men for cheating H... Yuka is going to get into affairs with... A suspicious

[Big Ass] Norn - Miel - Cybele - Haramase! Hitozuma Netori Harem Seikatsu Final (jap) - Milf
Year of issue: 2021 Release date: 2021/02/26 Genre: ADV, Milf, Big Ass, Big Tits, All Sex Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: Miel Platform: PC / Windows Publication type: Original (licensed)

[Plump] Breast Mafia - Sana ver.1.5a Manual Translation - Pregnant
Circle: Breast Mafia Release: Jul/07/2018 Translator: furnacentr Work Format: RPG Genre: Married Woman, Cuckoldry, Breast Milk, Big Breasts, Nipples, Chubby/Plump, Male Protagonist, Vaginal Sex,

[Big Tits] Studio Pork - Part Tsuma no Jouji ~Jukushita Tsuya to Torokeru Toiki~ (jap) - Buttocks
Part Tsuma no Jouji ~Jukushita Tsuya to Torokeru Toiki~ パート妻の情事 ~熟した艶と蕩ける吐息~ Love affair ... ripe En of the part wife and sigh ... which melts away Genre: ADV, Housewives, Harem, Striptease, Oral,

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