[Brunette] Birthday Surprise with Emma Hix by LifeSelector - Blowjob
In this fantasy experience, you get inside the body of the amazing Emma Hix’s boyfriend. She celebrates her birthday today, and it’s your job to help her feel special. You bought her a sexy new

[Blowjob] Getting Away with My GF, Little Angel by LifeSelector - 21Roles
Your girlfriend Angel was super busy with her college exams recently. You couldn’t spend much time together, so when she finally finished everything and got free again, you immediately decided to

[21Roles] MILFS On The Wild Side by LifeSelector - Brunette
The super sexy international porn superstar Jasmine Jae introduces us to her wild nymphomaniac adventures along with her obscene MILF buddies in this fantastically debauched film full of unstoppable

[21Roles] Helping Out Your Slutty Step-Sisters by LifeSelector - Anal
You are indeed a lucky guy to have such sexy blonde step-sisters… Ever since your parents married each other, you fantasized about fucking Morgan and Lily. They know that you are into them of course

[Anal] A Horny Day with Sasha Rose by LifeSelector - Brunette
Your are the luckiest guy in the world, you came to spend a lazy weekend here in the countryside with your always horny girlfriend Sasha, whose sexual appetite is nearly insatiable. You really can’t

[Big Tits] Casting with a Petite Asian Cutie, Lulu Chu by LifeSelector - Anal
Being such a stud keeps you in a very lucky position: being a pornstar lets you meet and fuck new girls every day. Today you choose to shoot with Lulu Chu, a cute Asian newcomer with a tiny, petite

[College Girls] Secret Fantasies by LifeSelector - 21Roles
Discovering that your sweet girlfriend, Alexis is really into erotic novels gives you the chance to share your secret fantesies with each other… Alexis will love your initiative to go thorugh the

[European] No More Mr Nice Guy by Lifeselector - Black
What's enough is enough. You were nice, you were understanding and you tried to avoid all kind of conflicts. But it made you a pushover and you had enough of it. You found your balls and now you'll

[Anal] Naughty College - Pool Party by Lifeselector - Threesome
What could be better than a pool party to forget the stress of classes and exams? The care-free and horny students will be able to give free rein to all their fantasies. Watch the amazing Cherry,

[Reverse Cowgirl] Naughty Encounter with Petite Rachel Rivers by Lifeselector - American
She is petite, sexy, intense and insatiable. Her name is Rachel Rivers and she is her to challenge you to be a real man. She doesn’t want to make love – she wants to fuck and you will be the one who

[Gaping] Nextdoor Babe by Lifeselector - Vaginal Sex
They say poker is a game for the bold... but what is strip-poker with the sexy girl from next door? Well, whatever it is, it's surely damn hot. So it's time to play your cards well and win the

[Fingering] New in Town by Lifeselector - Vaginal Sex
New town, new possibilities, but again, a lot of choirs too until you settle in. You need a new home, you need to handle the school for your step daughter and of course you need to convince her that

[Hardcore] Naughty Seance by  Lifeselector - Big Tits
Messing with the spirit world is not a good idea. Age old séances shouldn't be fiddled with, but these young teenagers apparently don't care about the unwritten rules. Well, they will face the

[Cumshot] My Cheeky Step-Sister, Shinaryen by Lifeselector - Redhead
This story is about you, the step-brother who are being caught having a crush on your cute step-sister Shina. She found the pictures you made of her on your phone and now she blackmails you to do as

[Pussy-To-Mouth] My Sister's Cute Friend, Little Angel by Lifeselector - Pov
Your sister has a gorgeous friend, Angel who laid her eyes on you since you two met. She never was a shy girl but lately she is quite daringly flirts with you. Of course your sister would go mad to

[Handjob] My Step-Daughter's Secret with Sasha Sparrow by Lifeselector - Russian
Your step-daughter Sasha got her tits made in secret and she tries to hide it from you and her mom. You however have a good eye for these things and have found out easily. Where did she get the money

[Dildo] Kinky New Year by Lifeselector - Voyeur
2012 is almost over, the countdown starts and we can be sure that the incoming new year holds many surprises for us. But we also know that some things will never change, and our hunger for kinkiness

[Hardcore] Kinky Cuckold Cases with Porno Dan by Lifeselector - Babe
Three women with unfulfilled desires. Three men in desperate need of help to satisfy their beloved ladies. Luckily there is a solution for all of them. That’s right! Dan and you are the winning duo

[Blonde] Just Remember by Lifeselector - Vaginal Sex
Fragile memories, hazy flashbacks, distant, obscure pictures... pieces of a scattered life. That's all you have left after the car accident, and it is almost painful to remember, to recall the things

[Hardcore] Karma RX's Bad Daddy by Lifeselector - Titjob
How could a step-daddy resist to such gorgeous girl like Karma? Her big titties, her bad girl vibe still her naive, cute behavior makes her simply irresistible. No matter if she does the dishes,

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