[Swimsuit] HGLock - Traded - Mini Girl
Kristina had been sunbathing when the virus she had contracted a few weeks before finally took hold on her body and she shrank. Kristina could not afford the vaccine for the virus and hopped this

[Mini Girl] HGLock - Vaccine - 911 Call - Giantess
Leila had shrunk after being exposed to the shrinking virus several days before. The virus had finally taken effect. Leila had chosen not to get the vaccine because it cost $100 and she was behind

[Male Protagonist] Streamed Full by ohh - Giantess
John is obsessed with Melanie, his favourite streamer. So obsessed that he shrinks himself to 2 inches tall to explore her body and learn about her while she sleeps. It's a totally flawless plan.

[Shrinking] HGLock - Gentle Giantess Short Stories 1 - Growth
Several mini stories involving men who are found by kind giantess and taken care of.

[Growth] HGLock - Gentle Giantess Short Stories 3 - Shrinking
This is a 418 pic set that deals with gentle giantess. Well mostly gentle. No crush or vore here. There is some insertion, lots of teasing and tormenting and handhelds. Also some pure gentle and kind

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