[Oral Sex] Tavern of Spear v0.19a by Caro - Fantasy
The story revolves around a small tavern. You play as "Eyvind", A young wolf warrior from The Lost Spear Tribe.​

[Group Sex] Dominatoly - Version 2.0.0 by Amusementpark7 - Humiliation
In this game, you dominate others to gain dominance and in the end rule the world. To do that you all run in a circle trying to catch each other. But be careful to not get caught or you might end at

[Mystery] When The Night Comes: The ReVamp v2.0 by Lunaris Games Mac/Win - Male Protagonist
When The Night Comes is a queer, narrative-driven, supernatural visual novel. You are a renowned Hunter, a creature slayer who has been been called to the quiet, strange little town of Lunaris to

[Anal Sex] Theobrobine Collection - Furry
theobrobine is a 2D artist who makes short animations of characters from video games and animes, such as: Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Fate GO, etc.​ 29 animations (41:34 min), 132 gifs

[Gruop Sex] 0Lightsource Collection - Milf
0Lightsource (aka Light/Zero/Source/0LS) is a 2D artist who makes comics and artworks of original and parody characters. He draws a variety of stuff, but is known for his hot thick girls and sexy

[Male Protagonist] New Hope v0.2.1 by YahBoi Blayke - 3Dcg
New Hope is an LGBTQI+ inclusive story staring Justin, an 18 year old high school senior with two very big secrets. He's gay and trying to hold onto his secrets until finally finishing senior year

[Lesbian] Wild Life Build 31.08.2021 Patreon by Adeptus Steve - Anal Sex
We live in a mad universe... indescribably vast... full of wonders... and terrors. And amidst all the chaos, sometimes things even turn out.. sexy! Play as one of many possible characters, female,

[Gay] SHELTER Build 16 by Raus - Romance
A Furry Way Home​

[Male Protagonist] THE DAEDALUS PROJECT Ch.4 Public by Kitty and the Lor - Kitty And The Lord
From the creators of The Whore of Babylon, Kitty and the Lord are proud to present their next RPG Interactive Erotica: THE DAEDALUS PROJECT. Step into a world where parallel realities are not only a

[Jast Usa] Nitro+Chiral - DRAMAtical Murder Final (uncen-eng) - Slavery
Developer: Nitro+CHiRAL Release: 2021-04-06 Work Format: Visual Novel Genre: Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Voiced, Anal Sex, Creampie, Drugs, Gay, Group Sex, Groping, Handjob, Male Domination,

[Spanking] Perverted Education - Version 1.2300 by April Ryan - Male Protagonist
Perverted Education is erotic game where main character starts as an immature male of indeterminate (but legal) age, and is slowly corrupted on three sides by his Teacher, Therapist and Guardian (you

[Big Ass] Braveheart Academy - Version 2.0 by Chrys - Completed Win/Mac - Ntr
You're a college student enrolling in the prestigious International Braveheart Academy. You're able to pick your starting stats that suit your character the most! There's also the ability to pick the

[Male Protagonist] The Smoke Room Build 17 by Echo Project - Mobile Game
The Smoke Room is a horror/romance visual novel set in a small desert town in the year 1915. It is a standalone prequel to Echo. Moving to the town of Echo was a bad idea. Trusting someone he barely

[Japanese Game] DRAMAtical Murder - JAST USA by Nitro+CHiRAL - Completed - Multiple Endings
"I will destroy you." Midorijima. Situated to the south of Japan, this beautiful island was once a place where people lived in harmony with nature. Then the Toue Corporation took over, driving off

[Gay] Doom of Sindel v0.40A by FullHeart Games - Real Porn
Doom of Sindel is a new fantasy game where you face a band of hypnotic foes heavily based on Dungeons and Dragons. The introduction is now available. We hope you enjoy facing off against hypnotic

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