[Cumshot] Affector - Inspired by Passion - Creampie
Patti invited her girlfriend Veronica over for a romantic evening and is doing a little decorating while she awaits her lover’s arrival. Veronica arrives to see Patti clothed, yet alluringly exposed.

[Anal] Affector - The Promise of Spring - Tits Fuck
The moon is high. The candles are lit. Patti sits on the throne, ready for the ritual to begin. Katie approaches, and arousal grows with each step. Warm bodies meet in the cool night air. Passion

[Shemale] Affector - Longing for Love - Big Ass
Patti is lonely. She misses her girlfriend, Alice, and has fallen into despondency during their time apart. Lucky for her, Alice has just come home. She approaches naked, offering a tender embrace

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