[Trpg] Kanonda - Legend of Oslo Sea Demo (eng) - Sexual Training
Circle Name: Kanonda Announced: Jul/05/2022 Scheduled release date: Middle Jul. 2022 Supported languages: English

[Orgy] Morning Explosion - Age of Ashes - Hunnic Girl In Divided Roman Empire Demo (Official Translation) - Rpg
In The Divided Roman Empire, The Hunnic Girl's Revenge Has Begin! [Synopsis] In The Late 4th Century, After The Death of Emperor Theodosius, Roman Empire Was Devided. The People Who Try to Save The

[Buttocks] Above a Damage Tile - ErisDysnomia Demo (eng) - Action
Perfect for those who like erotic combat and sexual status effects. This is an erotic action game featuring entirely hand-drawn pixel animation where the female protagonist has sexual things done to

[Unity] Kuluna.class - UnitLiberators Demo.1 (jap) - Demon Girl
Circle Name: kuluna.class Announced: Jun/22/2022 Scheduled release date: Middle Dec. 2022

[Internal Cumshot] Girlsgame - Naked Exposed Marathon Sports Girl with all the Nakadashi she can handle! Final (eng) - Binaural
Release: Jun/11/2022 Company/Circle: girlsgame Language: English A perverted school exposure marathon where girls are made to run naked. No matter how much they are molested, the perverted rule is

[Female Protagonist] NoraHeart - SusRitual Final (eng) - Humiliation
Circle: NoraHeart Released: Jun/10/2022 Product format: Action Genre: Female Protagonist, Internal Cumshot, Shame/Humiliation, Coercion/Compulsion, Bestiality, Interspecies Sex, Blood/Bleeding File

[Coercion] Princia - Goodbye Sister Final - Rpg
In a remote village, there lived a sister who was rumored to be a beauty. She served God all her life and lived faithfully. She was thanked by the townspeople for "purifying" demonized wild animals

[Binaural] Girlsgame - Feminization – I became a female idol and became pregnant myself! Final (eng) - Otoko No Ko
Release: May/28/2022 Company/Circle: girlsgame Language: English You are an idol who has been transformed into a woman. Your fans find out and you are forced to graduate from the idol club! However,

[Humiliation] Princia - Goodbye sister Demo (Official Translation) - Nun
** Animation RPG This RPG features a sister who is not good at fighting, as the main character. In battle, the "prayer" is used to pray in order to become "purified" to inflict damage on the demons.

[Bdsm-Bondage] Studio Cute - Witch Magical Girl Brainwashing Demo (eng) - Humiliation
[Story] Arc Earth, a world where only demons live. There, humans with high civilization and supernatural abilities, they came to attack. The prince Eve of the Demon Kingdom, who had his kingdom and

[Drugs] Green empire - The Goblin Ero Trap Dungeon Ver.1.2.5 (jap) - Hypnosis
Circle: Green empire Release date: Mar/16/2022 Supported languages: Japanese Circle: Green empire E9z1kwSrjiKhkXF There are no female goblins. However, goblins possess powerful sperm capable of

[Binaural] Girlsgame - Girl in breeding shed for impregnation Final (eng) - Animation
Release: May/15/2022 Company/Circle: girlsgame Language: English I don’t want to do this…? Do we have to have a mating session too? The little girl in captivity tearfully resists, but of course, they

[Futanaria] Kurai-YA - Monster Girl GATE! Ver.1.2 (jap) - Coercion
A tower defense game where you place futanari monster girls, and sit back and watch as they rape the oncoming female adventurers! Once they're trapped, there is no escape... Jerking Point 1 - Unique

[Coercion] Monster-ken - The Coward's Treasure - Talon and the Sex Slaves Ver.1.22 Final (eng) - Bdsm-Bondage
Release year: 2022 Release date: 2022/02/17 Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Cuckoldry/Netori, Violation, Coercion/Compulsion, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Virgin Female Censorship: yes Developer/Publisher:

[Coercion] Studio Cute - Princess and Knight Tale Demo (eng) - Rpg
**Story** Arche, a princess of Reisland found pleasure in bullying her knight, Remi. She struck her with a whip, harrassed her, and so on. Arche "I want to see Remi when she's erotic." Thinking so,

[Monsters] AleCubicSoft - Maid Knight Alicia Final (uncen-eng) - Female Protagonist
Title: Maid Knight Alicia Developer: AleCubicSoft Publisher: OTAKU Plan (Website) Release date: 14 May, 2022 Version: Final Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official) Censored: No (Uncensored)

[Restraint] Kumao - Impregnate! Semen Transfer Project! ver.1.12 Final (eng) - Slg
Impregnation! Semen Transfer Project Release: Aug/16/2021 Company/Circle: kumao Language: English (MTL) The world of “Impregnation! Semen Transfer Project” World In the year 20〷 of the 2D calendar,

[Plump] Estoc - Conception Arena Demo (eng) - Big Breasts
Circle Name: Estoc Announced: May/09/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

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