[Slender] Tsukimitake - Aria and The Labyrinth's Secret Final (eng) - Monsters
ID: RJ269554 Censorship: Censored Language: MTL English Developer: Tsukimitake Release Date: 04/09/2021 Platform: Windows Other Title: アリアと迷宮の秘密 Aria is cleaning the dank basement of the lord's

[Brainwashing] Dead Heat - Using Hypnosis Magic To Enjoy Endless Rape Ver.2.0 (eng) - Milf
【story】 The hero who reincarnated in another world learns the magic to put the opponent into a hypnotic state Using this magic, the protagonist used the women in the city as an outlet for libido ...

[Milf] Black Package Try - Epidemic - Kansen Kakudai Final (jap) - Adv
Title / タイトル: エピデミック~感染拡大~ Brand / ブランド: BLACK PACKAGE Release / 販売日: 2013/06/28 Wind shore town, small port of the Tohoku region is surrounded by deep mountains on three sides. It was no tourist

[Coercion] Right hand lover - Trusting Housewife Gets Stolen Final (eng mtl) - Adv
Cuckold RPG Kanako, a wife who had to fornicate with all the villagers to cure her husband's ED. However, she seems to be drowning in pleasure with a pleasant sexual activity that is far from her

[Simulation] Renglets - Heromon SLG - Mysterious Monsters and Their Trainer Ver.1.04 (eng mtl+jap) - Hypnosis
* Note This game was created with RPG TKool MV. Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility. [Summary] A bishoujo monster raising game, complete with battle ero, status

[Coercion] Osanagocoronokimini - The Evil Guards of the Merchant City Lady Prisoners Underground Final TL2 (eng) - Animation
ID: RJ335038 Censorship: Censored Language: English, Developer: Osanagocoronokimini Release Date: 20/08/2021 Platform: Windows Other Title: 交易街の黒い衛兵~地下監獄と女囚達~ Note: 1. This game’s Translation is a

[Transformation] Cold Rod - Fairia VS The Status Change Dungeon Ver.21.08.15 (eng mtl) - Fetish
A damsel-in-distress RPG with tons of status-change scenarios! - Contains petrification, boxification, onahole transformation, etc. - Contains 20 enemy types, each with cut-ins for attacks during

[Coercion] Inoshika shabu-shabu - RUINCESS ver.1.0 (eng mtl) - Pregnant
The destination of the capture is an orc's den! ARPG aiming to escape by exploring a dark abandoned mansion!

[Coercion] Circle Meimitei - Reapers Order - The Lewdwood Village of Segurmet Ver.2.0.07 (eng) - Feel
Cheat & Full Save included Release: 2021/04/29 Company/Circle: Circle Meitei Language: English (MTL) Note: You need to set School name and Hero name in Option before starting the New Game Summary

[Langrisser] JSK Studio - Sherry Final (English UI) - Flash
About the game Developer: JSK Studio Status: Completed Age Ratings: 18+ Series: Langrisser Categorie: Simulation OS Platform: Android 4.1+ Language game: Japanese Japanese Language interface: English

[Virgin] Almonds & Big Milk - The Ten Heroines (eng) Demo - Fantasy
** Story My new computer game finally arrived! Upon activation, the protagonist finds himself... in-game!? He somehow stumbled into the game as a playable character. Furthermore, he's the hero!

[Restraint] Kumao - Impregnation! Semen Transfer Project ver.1.0.2 (eng) - Pregnancy
Release: Aug/16/2021 Company/Circle: kumao Language: English (MTL) The world of “Impregnation! Semen Transfer Project” World In the year 20〷 of the 2D calendar, the lack of depictions of sexual

Original Title: Go Narukami Occult Club Lang: Eng, Jap The Occult Club at Narukami Academy opened a gate to another world. A great demon has spirited away one of their friends, so they’re crossing

[Fantasy] Crazyxxx3dworld - The Dream - Fetish
The Dream of this slut is to fuck a black cock, shove something hard into black man's anus and make him piss all over her face.

[Facial Cumshot] GuruGuru Craft - Public Toilet in Summer Ver.1.1 Final (eng) - Bukkake
Release: Feb/20/2021 Company/Circle: GuruGuru Craft Language: English Contents Story One day while out for a walk, you spotted a cut girl in the public bathrooms at the park. Naturally, you started

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