[Reverse Rape] Dry Dream, WASABI entertainment - Succubi's Trap Dungeon of Seduction Final (eng) - Succubus
Title: Succubi’s Trap Dungeon of Seduction Developer: ドライドリーム Publisher: WASABI entertainment Release date: 13 May, 2022 Version: Final Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official) Censored: Yes

[Cuckoldry] 530 - All-you-can-eat with Akuma-chan Power Demo (eng) - Netorare
Circle Name: 530 Announced: May/14/2022 Release Date: May/21/2022 Supported languages: English MTL

[Slavery] Mofuya - Guardian Senki Suzune Ver.2.35 Final (eng mtl) - Collar
Circle: Mofuya Release date: Jul/04/2020 Update information: Feb/05/2021 Supported languages: English MTL

[Ahegao] Mofuya - SUIKAN QUEST Ver.1.1 Final (eng mtl) - Logical
Cynthia visits Termina city on a certain mission. However, she is spiked with a meal by an inn master and trained into a lewd slut...

[Female Protagonist] Mofuya - Succubus Dungeon Demo (eng mtl) - Fetish
Circle Name: Mofuya Announced: May/07/2022 Scheduled release date: Middle Jun. 2022 Supported languages: English MTL

[Rpg] Kamichichi - Apostle: Rebellion Ver.1.0.7 (jap) - Milf
Ver. 1.0.1 as of 2021/08/08 Introducing the 4th RPG release from titty-loving circle kamichichi! In the year 2200, humans battle for survival against the Magna in the futuristic city of Neo Eden.

[Futanaria] Fume - Gehenna Ver0.752 (eng mtl) - Tentacles
Gehenna: Ver0.752 Circle: Gehenna Supported languages: English MTL

[Bukkake] NymphoKyun - Slave Bar Demo (eng) - Female Protagonist
~ Slave Bar : Episode 1 ~ Now Time-Limited Exclusive Low Price Trailer: wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Trailer_Demo_DL_cens.mp4 General SlaveBar ~ スレーブ バー [NymphoKyun] SlaveBar is a compelling eroge game

[Male Protagonist] Kasiwamochi Aosomeya - Maga Corrupted Girls Final (eng mtl) - Harem
but he is soon possessed by an evil deity... Now, he's trying to take control of the school by domineering the powerful students with hypnosis... Summary - 6 main heroines (sub-heroines can be

[Punishment] B-bishop - Get Violated By EVERY Girl You Encounter RPG - MAX Volume! Ver.1.03 (jap) - Brainwashing
A Big RPG for Masochists! [Game] You have reincarnated into another world, one where women are dominant over men. The main heroine, village NPCs, female enemies... all of them take great joy in

[Mind Control] Black Tights Club - METROPOLIS - Cyberpunk Ero RPG Ver.22.01.29 (jap) - Monsters
33 pose-art ero animations (Live2D) 23 base CG 46 CG ero scenes (images) 6 bad statuses 6084 dress-up combinations * Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility. In a

[Body Modifications] GFF - OOZEHAZARD - The Pleasures of Futagasm RPG Final (eng) - Dickgirl
Circle: GFF Released: Dec/25/2021 Translator: Vreis Product format: Role-playing Genre: Hypnosis, Corrupted Morals, Brainwashing, Multi/Monster/Mega Breasts, Nipples/Areola, Futanari / Hermaphrodite,

[Consecutive Climaxes] MomiMomi Studio - The Former Party of Legend Turned Into Sex Slaves! Final (eng mtl) - Rpg
Machine translation.Played, no bugs found. The party of legend has defeated the Demon Lord, but their tribulations are just beginning. Can you save your companions from getting turned into sex

[Lewd] Head shop kasai - Semen Addiction Ver.2.0 Final (eng) - Abnormal
Release year: 2018 Release date: 2018/02/01 Genre: jRPG, ADV, Female Heroine, Bukkake, Creampie, Corruption, Ahegao, Monsters Censorship: yes Developer/Publisher: head shop kasai(カサイ屋本舗) Platform:

[Android 18] Tada no Deko - BUTAGON BALL Final (jap) - Dragon Ball
A pig goes on a journey with a cute girl in this RPG. 33 base CG (not including pose art) *All black and white Includes H situations ranging from light sexual harassment all the way to brainwashing

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