[Romance] Mystic Cro - Long Way Home v0.4 - Fantasy
Long Way Home is a visual novel in production. Takeshi (default name) has decided to return home due to several reasons, among them being his new job which he desperately needs. At first it would

[Sexual Harassment] Forever My Girl - Version 0.2 by HappyMo - Anal Sex
Hi everyone! I'm HappyMO and I'm creating a game that's focusing on 2 characters, a stepfather (he is MC) who has been living alone for many years and his stepdaughter who because of her mother (the

[Oral Sex] One Day at a Time - Chapter 9c by Zoey Raven - Vaginal Sex
In One Day at a Time you will take the role of an active heroin addict. You live with your girlfriend Lydia who is also an addict. Along the way you will meet several other women and have the chance

[Oral Sex] Sex Dating Trip - Final by CritoGames - Big Tits
You want to have sex with every woman you meet? That doesn't have to be a dream! In this game you go on an erotic sex dating trip! In the beginning you meet your new girlfriend for a casual date, but

[Male Protagonist] V.I.R.T.U.E.S What if - Chapter 5 by NoMeme - Groping
This are the What If Chapters, all those scenarios happen in the parallel worlds that have nothing to do with the main story.​

[Exhibitionism] Eryka - Episode 2 - Version 0.3 by Narudogamer - Masturbation
This story begins when Eryka finds out that her father has passed away and that her younger sisters are alone. She decides to leave her studies and her life in England to live with her sisters, which

[Female Domination] Obscure Affairs - Version 0.2.50 Ultimate Edition by sn00p - Male Protagonist
Obscure Affairs is about you, and only you! Going through some rough times, a failed marriage which lasted a few years and ended up in a night, but some time after you managed to get over it and

[3Dcg] Starship Inanna - Episode 9 - Version 9.1 by Mad Doctor - Blowjob
You take on the role of a Commander of the Titan Empire, who has just been assigned as second in command under Captain Alexandra Zal. The crew of the ship is comprised of select races of the Empire

[Big Tits] EraStorm - Episode 1 : SandStorm - Version 0.8.6b by GleenX Studio Win/Mac/Android - Male Protagonist
You just joined some friends in what was supposed to be a tourist journey in Egypt. However, the visit turned sour quite quickly and you got thrown into an epic adventure full of ancient mysteries.​

[3Dcg] My Ordinary Extraordinary Life - Version 9.0 by Cheepshot Win/Mac - Male Protagonist
It is about a young man of 22 yrs., named Adam Ducarius, studying abroad for 7 years, returns to his hometown to live with his step-mother and two step-sisters. Passions and loves ignite as mystical

[3Dcg] Sorcerer - Version 0.37.0 by Talothral - Creampie
This is the story of Alexander Ward, and him discovering that the world isn't as simple place as it seems. Follow his journey in this new world.

[Harem] The Guardian - Version 0.8 by BlackHeart Games Win/Mac - Animated
THE GUARDIAN: As a member of the Delucci Family, you are a made man... until one day, someone attempts to take the life of your ex-wife, and her adultren. You are appointed their Guardian, as per

[Swingers] Forever My Girl v0.2 Win/Mac/Android by HappyMo - Big Ass
Hi everyone! I'm HappyMO and I'm creating a game that's focusing on 2 characters, a stepfather (he is MC) who has been living alone for many years and his stepdaughter who because of her mother (the

[Voyeurism] Forgotten Royals of Astella - Version 0.7 by Ultimate Corruption - Groping
Your Kingdom gets attacked by the rival faction, your father is Dead, but you Heroically manage to break out from the Siege and save your family from the Sacking of the City and Castle. Now you are

[Male Protagonist] In Your Shoes - Episode 5 by Mac Hanson Win/Mac - Supernatural
In Your Shoes is a visual novel about a person whose mission is to enter the lives of people who are about to commit suicide and give them a new chance to live a new life with happiness.

[Incest] Panic Attack - Season 1 by Blondie Bear - Groping
A future mayoress (suffers from panic attacks) is fighting against corruption in the current government, while at the same time worrying about her husband, a special agent in the war zone, and their

[Big Tits] Big Brother: Another Story - Version 0.07.p2.05 Extra by Aleksey90 - 3Dcg
The players steps into the shoes of Max, a poor guy living in a poor family with his mother and two sisters. However, everything changes when you receive a gift from your father, a huge house with a

[3Dcg] Bring a bottle of wine Version 0.4 by Stokkafilippo - Futanari
Alan is going to move in another city. All is ready but a fortuitous part-time job could change everything. Will he be able to understand what is happening around him?​

[Story Rich] Sweet Dreamz - Version 1.0 by Badass Inc - 3Dcg
Visual novel about a loving father that lost his daughter which pains him so severely that it brought out the monster inside him.

[Humor] Price of Power - Chapter 8 by Pandaman Games Win/Mac/Android - Adventure
You play as a young man (default Michael) who lives in a small village on the edges of civilization in a Medieval-era world who gets sucked into the adventure of a lifetime with his adulthood best

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