[Slg] Kadokawa, Tsukurite - Slow living with Princess Early Access Build: 7510953 - 2Cg
Title: Slow living with Princess Developer: KADOKAWA, TSUKURITE. Publisher: 0UP GAMES Release date: 7 Oct, 2021 Version: Early Access (Build: 7510953) Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official)

[Vaginal Sex] Arcana: Heat and Cold Season 1 Ch. 1-5/8 + Season 2 Ch. 1-5 by HarDDeer - Male Protagonist
In "Arcana: Heat and Cold" you play as an unskilled magician who helps people curing them from the mysterious and dangerous "Arcane fever". On your journey you'll come across a lot of different girls

[2D Game] SurVive - Version 1.0.1 by ingenius studios Win32/Win64 - Vaginal Sex
Two years ago humanity was near extinction because of a deadly viral outbreak. Since then people are trying to live normal life but there is a group called 'Hunters' who are trying to take over

[Adv] Dharker Studio - Animal Cafe Final Win/Android (uncen-eng) - 2Dcg
Luna has been working too hard, fortunately as she finishes up each night she manages to find her way to a hidden out of the way cafe, one where the gals all dress up like different animals. It could

[Old Man] Lunar Read Palace - Kunoichi Mikiri - Sprint Chronicles Ver.1.1.0 (eng) - Female Protagonist
An auto-scrolling kunoichi run & jump action game. Kunoichi-in-training Mikiri takes on her certification exam, messenger duties, and more! (ver 1.1.0)Some are available in English. - 7 stages -

[Female Protagonist] Ghost Castle Gunsweeper v1.1a by T-ENTA-P - Fantasy
Ghost suddenly begin to appear at Rejulexion Castle in the mountains of a certain country in Eastern Europe. Two members of the GEC team of a ghost extermination company were called far from Japan at

[Comedy] StarlightTree Games - Would you like to run an idol café? 2 Final + R18 Patch (uncen-eng) - 2Dcg
18+ Patch (Copy to “Would you like to run an idol café 2\game”) Hoping to save the café he works at from being closed, Naoya enlists the help of his cute maid co-workers, Ichigo, Kuu, Mayuki. The

[Anal Sex] Legend of Queen Opala: Origin v3.09 beta by SweGabe - Fantasy
It's a RPG series I've been making, using the RPG Maker XP engine, blending RPG elements, exploration and adult content, that mostly focused on Queen Opala, her evil sister Osira and their mother

[Side-Scroller] College Brawl - Version 1.4.2 by Lags Win32/Win64/Mac - Animated
Ken Story You play as Ken a college student. One day your friends were attack by Red Kat Gang and they have stolen there belongings. Now it's up to you to get them back. There are 5 stages and 5

[Female Protagonist] Sexcraft - Sofiya and the Lewd Clan Final by Hentai Room - Monsters
After Sofiya got tired of following the rules of the clan she was in, she decided to start a journey to become a powerful witch in the kingdom. Play as Sofiya, Defeat monsters, Become a powerful

[Shooter] Urielmanx7 - SpacEscape - Chibi Edition Ver.0.4 (uncen-eng) - Monsters
hread Updated: 2021-09-18 Release Date: 2021-09-18 Developer: Urielmanx7 - Itch.io -Discord Censored: No Version: 0.4 OS: Windows Language: English Other Games: Link Genre: 2d game, female

[Animated] Amy's Ecstasy v0.1 by GilgaGames - Cheating
Step into the shoes of Amy, who is too hot for her own good! Or maybe she will use it achieve wonders. A 20 years old college student, her parents works offshore while she stayed back to study in the

[Teasing] The Bindmancer Build 2021.9.17 by Caroo - Monsters
The Bindmancer: you play as a hero who enters into a ever shifting dungeon of delights in order to save heroes who fell to the traps and dangers that lurk within!​

[Side-Scroller] LAGS - Haileys' Treasure Adventure Ver.0.2 - Tentacles
Thread Update: 2021-05-10 Release Date: 2021-04-29 Developer: LAGS itch.io Censored: No Version: 0.2 OS: Windows Language: English One day a man visits Hailey's farm. He told her about her father's

[Female Protagonist] Lewd Watch v1.0.0 by Anything Games - Animated
Lewd watch is a clicker-style game with lewd images/videos of characters from OverWatch. These images are custom-made for the game for the most part, and art is subject to change if Anything3dart

[Orgy] A Bitch JK In An RPG v1.2 by Happy Life - 2D Game
High school girl Akemi's libido is out of control. She was having her brother at school like usual when all of a sudden a brilliant light engulfed her. When she got her bearings, she was far from the

[Female Protagonist] Ice Maze Final by Ice Maze - 2D Game
A girl was trapped in a maze. She was in thin clothes, shivering in the wind, snow and ice. Only when she got out of the maze could she be saved. At the end of the maze, there was an enemy waiting to

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