[Brunette] Birthday Surprise with Emma Hix by LifeSelector - Blowjob
In this fantasy experience, you get inside the body of the amazing Emma Hix’s boyfriend. She celebrates her birthday today, and it’s your job to help her feel special. You bought her a sexy new

[Blowjob] Getting Away with My GF, Little Angel by LifeSelector - 21Roles
Your girlfriend Angel was super busy with her college exams recently. You couldn’t spend much time together, so when she finally finished everything and got free again, you immediately decided to

[21Roles] MILFS On The Wild Side by LifeSelector - Brunette
The super sexy international porn superstar Jasmine Jae introduces us to her wild nymphomaniac adventures along with her obscene MILF buddies in this fantastically debauched film full of unstoppable

[21Roles] Helping Out Your Slutty Step-Sisters by LifeSelector - Anal
You are indeed a lucky guy to have such sexy blonde step-sisters… Ever since your parents married each other, you fantasized about fucking Morgan and Lily. They know that you are into them of course

[Anal] A Horny Day with Sasha Rose by LifeSelector - Brunette
Your are the luckiest guy in the world, you came to spend a lazy weekend here in the countryside with your always horny girlfriend Sasha, whose sexual appetite is nearly insatiable. You really can’t

[Big Tits] Casting with a Petite Asian Cutie, Lulu Chu by LifeSelector - Anal
Being such a stud keeps you in a very lucky position: being a pornstar lets you meet and fuck new girls every day. Today you choose to shoot with Lulu Chu, a cute Asian newcomer with a tiny, petite

[College Girls] Secret Fantasies by LifeSelector - 21Roles
Discovering that your sweet girlfriend, Alexis is really into erotic novels gives you the chance to share your secret fantesies with each other… Alexis will love your initiative to go thorugh the

[Anal] Up Close & Personal with Harlow West & Everly Haze by LifeSelector - College Girls
Harlow is brand new but she is really eager to show you her skills and beauty. You are not against anything good, so you agree, even when later on Harlow has a little favor to ask. She brought a cute

[Blowjob] Virgin Bride Obsession by LifeSelector - Big Tits
You have always had this thing for brides. Their nubile bodies hidden by their free flowing dresses, representing the peak of innocence. For you, no woman is more beautiful, more sexual than a bride.

[Anal] Hot Summer POV Affairs by LifeSelector - 21Roles
At long last summer is here and sexy, hot girls all over the world wear next to nothing in this heat. We collected some our best outdoor scenes with amazing babes for you to choose from. Want to have

[Blowjob] Shooting with the Naughtiest Pornkittens by LifeSelector - Brunette
One would say it is not easy to hold all responsibilities on a shooting. Being a producer, the director and the main performer is indeed a challenge, but you love it. Why? Because you can fuck such

[Blonde] Wedding Weekend with Gianna Dior & Bridesmaids by LifeSelector - 21Roles
Description: Having a super hot & sweet girlfriend with a great personality is every man’s dream, right? Even marrying that gorgeous girl? That’s the ultimate jackpot. But are truly you man

[College Girl] Having Fun With Gina Valentina by LifeSelector - Blonde
Description: Passionate, eager and likes cocks in all sizes and color, She is a stripper, a lover and a slut if she has to be… in the best possible meaning of the word. She is Gina Valentina and she

[21Roles] Pussy Park Diaries by LifeSelector - Brunette
All you wanted is a relaxing day away from the stress and rush of the stock market. But it seems there is no rest for the wicked. The first challenge of the day comes in the quite pretty form of a

[21Roles] Lana Rhoades’ (S)Experiences by LifeSelector - Blonde
Description: The beautiful and talented American journalist Lana decides to explore the world of D&S… dominance and submission. The most suitable candidate for her interview is the renowned

[Blowjob] Stress Will Kill Me One Day by Lifeselector - Anal
Description: With power comes the danger that sooner or later you’ll step on someone’s toe and that someone will hold grudge and eventually stab you in the back. This happens exactly when a

[Big Tits] Step Daddy Issues by LifeSelector - Blowjob
Description: These teenage girls nowadays… they have so many issues to resolve and they need a man in their life to put them straight and help them. Some of them, led by curiosity, puts out naked

[Blonde] All Curvy Girls Love the Ass Man by LifeSelector - 21Roles
Description: Who does’t like a big, curvy ass? Who wouldn’t play with massive, gorgeous boobs? Who doesn’t adore a voluptuous female form? Because we do and if you are watching this, you do too. So

[Big Tits] A Day with Tiffany Tatum by LifeSelector - Anal
Living with your girlfriend Tiffany is a delight. She is smart, funny and despite of her petite frame, she’d fuck all day given the chance. No wonder you two spend most of time together. From the

[College Girl] Step-Daughter Experience with Tiffany Watson by LifeSelector - Big Tits
Mommy left step-dad alone to take care of her teenage daughter Tiffany… but step-daddy is too horny to really focus on the girl. At least until the point when his sexy step-daughter has an idea: how

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