[Dot] Tawawamilk - Osawari Yumichan Sakunyu Haramase Demo (eng) - Slg
Circle: tawawamilk Release date: May/17/2022 Supported languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, English

[Big Ass] Witchcraft - Version 0.9.4 by Red Silhouette Win/Mac - Female Protagonist
You are a girl with magical powers. While studying at the Academy of magic you will become a certified mage. The game is a mix of girl sim and RPG with adult events.​

[Humor] Mysterious Erotic Theater 3500 - update 8 by shamanlab - Mind Control
Three friends watching erotic movies in an abandoned movie theater... And they making ridiculous comments on them!

[Rpg] Tail Aki - Apprentice Succubus Luryl's Trial Ver.19.10.28 Final (eng mtl) - Lovey Dovey
Machine translate. The text does not get out of the frame, I did not find any errors. * Synopsis The apprentice Succubus Luryl has the most passive personality in the demonic realm. In order to

[Mobile Game] Innocence or Money - Version 0.0.4 + Save by MarcialART Win/Mac/Android - Female Protagonist
Jennifer is the MC of the history. She is very innocent and comes from a little town called Greensdale, she has never been to the city and has no idea what will await her when she arrives and the

[Ilf] Monarch of Magic - Version 0.20v2 + Map + Save by Chaotic AsMe Win/Mac/Linux - Corruption
Monarch of Magic is an ongoing game where you the main character kill the demon king and find a magic gem and use it to mind control, enslave, and corrupt those around you, to take over the kingdom.​

[Teasing] KonoSuba This lecherous world v2.0 by The Dark forest - Parody
The indefatigable team continues its adventures Kazuma and his friends are ready for new achievements. But this time everything will not be so innocent and we will finally see all the secrets and

[Oral Sex] About It - Version 0.93.5 by about_it - Group Sex
The main idea of the game is to find relationships with the generated NPC's and have fun in the open world sandbox. Particular attention is paid to non-linearity of the passage and to reducing the

[Vaginal Sex] Worlds of Wonders v0.2.4 by It's Danny - Animated
In Worlds of Wonders you take over the role of the Main Character, a 19 year old man (other genders are work in progress) who is about to go to college, when some sudden events flip his life upside

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