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[Slender] Tsukimitake - Aria and The Labyrinth's Secret Final (eng) - Monsters

Original Name: Tsukimitake - Aria and The Labyrinth's Secret Final (eng)
Artists: Tsukimitake
Category: Adult Games
Full Size: 767 Mb.
Downloads: 6


ID: RJ269554
Censorship: Censored
Language: MTL English
Developer: Tsukimitake
Release Date: 04/09/2021
Platform: Windows
Other Title: アリアと迷宮の秘密
Aria is cleaning the dank basement of the lord's manor, and finds a hidden room within.
She spots a mysterious creature that quickly disappears, and while searching for its whereabouts,
ends up getting whisked off to a strange town.
Can Aria escape this weird town she's found herself in?
Aria is a weak protagonist, and her fate is dependent upon the strength of the items she picks up.
Of course, money can be used to upgrade your equipment.
The town is rife with filthy, perverted men, so you'll have to stay on your toes or risk getting tricked...
If you get bound in battle, mash the Z button to escape.
If you can't wriggle free, an H assault will lower your will.
As your will lowers, so do does your ability to resist...
* Save data from the trial version may not be transferred to the full version.
Grab a fully-unlocked save file on Ci-en (for free).
View all the CG and events at your leisure!

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